W6 Bipolar Water

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Alive" and "dead" water

"Alive" and "dead" water We are familiar with these terms since our childhood, but were the writers telling the truth when they would describe the properties of "alive" water. Absolutely nothing! We all think of it being clean. But the truth is that the water we refer to as clean is "dead". This is because we as humans have done everything to "kill" water, by making it undergo mechanical, thermal and chemical treatments to clean it. However, there are places on earth where clean "alive" water can still be found. Long ago, people would call this water "holly". Such water can be found in holly and clean springs. But not many people know that underground all the holly springs with clean "alive" water, flow through the areas of natural depositions. Therefore this water undergoes POLORIZED RESONANCE treatment and acquires unique healing qualities.

W6 Bipolar Water

The biologically active drinking water, is a safe, simple water enhancement for optimal health.

W6 Bipolar Water works on the basic principle of total cellular hydration

A water molecule consists of one oxygen and two hydrogen’s. Thus: H2O. Simply put, the oxygen act as a negative, while each hydrogen acts as a positive. Water molecules do not travel alone. They form clusters with other water molecules by the attraction of a positive hydrogen of one molecule to the negative oxygen of another. Water molecule clusters come in many sizes, depending on the number of water molecules involved.

In the case of water that has not been POLORIZED, the water molecule clusters are generally comprised of many water molecules that are loosely attracted. This loose and chaotic form of attraction allows for toxins and pollutants to travel inside the water molecule cluster. As these water molecule clusters pass by the cell membrane, many of them are sloughed off because they are too large or because of the toxins contained, The smaller of these chaotic clusters will enter the cell, some carrying toxins with them. It requires a great deal of UN-POLORIZED water to hydrate.

POLAR ACTIVATOR Machine, when applied to normal water, restructures the water molecules into very small water molecule clusters, each made up of six symmetrically organized molecules. This miniscule cluster is recognized by the cell as "bio-friendly" due to its hexagonal structure and because the toxins cannot travel within the cluster, and easily enters the passageways of cell membranes. The result provides maximum, healthy hydration with less water.